Friday, May 29, 2020, 9:00am - 2:00 pm Digital Conference

This will be the first GGSE interdepartmental research conference. The vision of this event is to provide a space for students and faculty to showcase their own work and thinking and to foster connection building within the GGSE, as well as with the larger UCSB community. We invite any student, postdoc, staff member, faculty or Alumni from ED, CCSP, and TEP to present their research, degree-related work, or community-work at any stage of the process. This is also an opportunity to practice a presentation for AERA or other conferences and to receive low-stakes feedback from peers and faculty. All other UCSB students are also encouraged to participate.

Registration Deadline extended to Friday, May 22, at 9 PM 

Proposal Deadline: April 17, at 9 PM

Keynote Speaker

Dean Jeffrey F. Milem

Dean Jeff Milem

Considering our Legacy: Doing Work that Really Matters

Drawing from a 40 year career in public service, this keynote will candidly begin the day by reflecting on some of the insights gained during this time and will consider the following questions: What can we do to insure that our work really matters, to enhance the chances that it will make a difference, to enhance the likelihood that it will bring about the changes we seek, to insure that our legacy as teachers, mentors, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners is one of which we can be proud? 

Jeffrey F. Milem is Professor and Dean of The Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at UC Santa Barbara. Professor Milem’s research focuses on the ways in which colleges and universities can be organized to enhance equity, access, and success for all students; the racial context within higher education; and the relationship between how colleges and universities organize themselves and student outcomes and faculty role performance.